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Save Malnourished Bubba

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Flying free thanks to your support

Taken from her family as chick and stuck in a cage Sally never had the chance to fly. You can help her and other big-birds lose the excess baggage and take off!

Aged 5 months but with only 2 months development Bubba and his brother Forest’s situation is desperate. To recover they need your help, please adopt now.

Each year Olivia takes on rats, cats, bees and poachers to ensure the survival of her kind on Bonaire. Adopt Olivia and help Echo protect wild parrot nests.

DOUBLE YOUR SUPPORT!    Conscientious parrot keeper Cornell, from Connecticut, USA has pledged to match the first $2,000 raised on the Fat Sally appeal.  Adopt her now and double your support.

Olivia’s blog will be up just as

soon as we catch up with her!